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Holid helps publishers to take on new heights by providing the latest Ad Tech, optimization of ad inventory and sales towards leading advertisers & agencies. We help 100's of websites and apps to face a continuously evolving market.


We provide advertisers with a unique possibility to reach nisched segments.


Holid publishers are always in the forefront and are given the best possibilities.

We want publishers and advertisers to thrive. By allowing you to function in synergy, with demand from advertisers to scope uniquely segmented websites in large numbers, we make sure that you both get the highest relevance and best conditions.


Grow with Holid. Our model and technical setup allows you to grow and to focus on what makes your business expand. Programmatic advertising is structured to easily perform tailored-made ad buys, but also to handle large volumes of ad requests in a world where thousands of advertisers bid on each impression. We scale together and make sure you get results for your expansion.


The best conditions for publishers and advertisers are formed through flexibility. Advertising is constantly evolving with a changing consumer behavior and new technology. With groundbreaking setups, new paths to explore and ongoing feedback from our customers, we make sure to continuously develop our product.

New start

Through Holid, the Ad World has advanced from being a technology that requires the user to have previous knowledge about Ad Tech-systems in order to start easy and effectively. We are now redefining how Ad Tech works, where we make demands on transparency and simplicity.



We make sure to unite the sales platforms and analytical tools that are needed to increase revenue and long-term relations with advertisers. You as a publisher have the knowledge of your visitors, and we make the most out of the potential that this creates. We are your partner that allows you to give life to your amazing products without having to worry about the development of revenue streams. 



We assist you with creative ways of showcasing your brand for its prosperity in relevant environments. With several segments and possibilities for tailored setups, we can help you in your communication and outreach to potential costumers. Viewability is in constant focus, where we work with developing relevant formats for you to reach out with. We work with several SSPs, making setting up private deals towards all market-leading-DSPs simple.

What is programmatic?

Programmatic has changed how media purchases are made. Nearly 70% of display purchases are made via programmatic and this figure is expected to rise to nearly 90% by 2020. Programmatic has gone from a trend to the leading way to buy display advertising.

How does programmatic work?

Programmatic is built on a digital platform/exchange where automated purchases and sales of ad slots are made possible for advertisers through DSPs (Demand Side Platform) and publishers through real-time SSP (Supply Side Platform).

Media agencies/advertisers can make advanced purchases based on data and environment on 1000’s of sites without having to contact them directly. There are several different ways of setup, but most often the publisher has a contact person who sets up a private deal if the advertiser needs to be assured that they buy exactly what they want.

For a publisher, this means that you can access 1000’s of advertisers who bid on your ad slots instead of having to manually sell them. It also means that you can let advertisers buy how much or how little they want since it hardly requires any administration. Programmatic creates completely new conditions and thereby increased revenue potential.

Ord från våra kunder

 Jakob Karlsson

CEO Dagens Vimmerby och Dagens Hultsfred

“Holid hjälper oss med vår annonsering Desktop, Mobil och Native. Sedan vi började med Holid har vi mer än tredubblat våra intäkter”

 Jenny Forsberg

CEO Printables

“På ett väldigt behjälpligt sätt kom vi snabbt igång med Holid. De gav konstruktiva förslag på utvecklingspotential genom bland annat placeringar av annonser och lyssnade väl på våra tankar och önskningar kring val av annonsörer.”

 Rasmus Hellmyrs

“Holid har ökat min sajts intäkter markant sedan start, så att jag nu snart kan leva på intäkterna.”

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